Turkey Men Volumes 1 and 2

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How difficult is it to rise to the challenge of killing a wild turkey in 49 states?

  • 235 times as many climbers have ever reached the top of Everest.

  • 125 times as many swimmers have crossed the English Channel.

  • 31 times as many astronauts have ever orbited Earth.

That’s how difficult.

Turkey Men Volume 1

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Turkey Men Volume 2

Publication April 2018
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Be the first among your hunting friends to read these exciting and revealing new books filled with hundreds of collective years of hard-won turkey-hunting experience, wisdom and remarkable stories.

Only $49.95 each in durable and attractive laminated hardcover.

Printed and bound in Tennessee by skilled American craftsmen using quality paper stock milled in Wisconsin.

Order one or both volumes through our online store or telephone the publisher, Wild River Press, at 425-486-3638. Turkey Men is the perfect gift for your favorite hunter.

Turkey Men Volume 1

Or telephone Wild River Press at 425-486-3638.

Clyde Neely

Jeff Budz

David Ellis

Randy & Debbie Stafford

Rob Keck

Tony Hudak

Turkey Men Volume 2

Or telephone Wild River Press at 425-486-3638.

Jim Hascup

Dave Owens

Jon Pries

Daniel Rorrer

Tom "Doc" Weddle

James Wilhelm